A listing of resources available to students enrolled in University of Virginia on-Grounds courses through the Community Scholar Program, School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Academic Support Services


The University of Virginia Bookstore is the on-Grounds source of course textbooks.  Books are generally organized by department and course number. Most student supplies you might want are available, as well as UVA souvenirs and excellent non-textbook publications.   


Microcomputer and Workstation Labs are available for use in:  

Bryan Hall – Room 235
Chemistry Building – Room 411
Clemons Library – 4th Floor
Cocke Hall – Room 115
Ruffner Hall – Room 277
Small Hall – Room 112
Thornton Hall – Room A233  (Stacks)
Geographical Info System Lab- Alderman Library

E-Mail Accounts

E-mail accounts are available to Community Scholars during the semesters in which they are registered. If you would like an account go to the following website:  #.  You can use any of above listed computer labs to setup up your account.  We recommend that you wait at least one week after you complete your registration with us so that it will be assured that you have been entered into our computer system.

Please note:  If your course(s) require access to a Toolkit account, you can use a University of Virginia e-mail account or an existing home or work e-mail to gain access.  If you plan on using your existing home or work e-mail, please contact the ITC Help Desk, 942-3731, for assistance in setting up your account.  For other types of assistance regarding UVA computers, please call the ITC Help Desk as well.

Learning Needs And Evaluation Center

Elson Student Health Center is located on the corner of Jefferson Park Avenue and Brandon Avenue, 243-5180.  This Center is designed to serve the learning needs of graduate and undergraduate students with disabilities. Anyone whose efforts are not yielding the learning or grade they would normally expect may receive an assessment. Services offered include equipment loans, transcribing, mentors, etc.  Call ahead for an appointment.    


(For library assistance call 1-800-580-7163).  Library options include:

Alderman Library is the largest University library.  It houses the humanities and social science collections and is the primary graduate research library.

Camp Library of the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business (Student Services Building, 2nd floor) primarily serves as the business graduate research library. Its general book collection has approximately 100,000 volumes.  The library subscribes to over 1000 periodicals and holds the annual reports of over 1,500 companies. 

Clemons Library is the "undergraduate library."  It houses a general collection of frequently used materials.  Reserve reading and an extensive audio-visual collection are located there.

Curry School of Education Library (Ruffner Hall) serves as the primary undergraduate and graduate library for education students.  It houses 50,000 books and subscribes to 800 journals. 

Departmental Libraries for Biology/psychology, chemistry, math/astronomy, and physics have their own collections, usually in their classroom buildings.  Please feel free to contact Alderman library for further information.

Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library (Campbell Hall) serves the university community at large as well as supporting the teaching and research initiatives of the School of Architecture, the McIntire Department of Art, and the Department of Drama.

Health Sciences Library (call Assistant Director for Outreach Services, 924-2507), and Law Libraries (call Library Administration, 924-3384) require special access. 

Music Library (Old Cabell Hall) is a research library with the largest music collection in Virginia.  It houses more than 100,000 monographs, scores, serials, sound recordings, and microfilms. 

Science and Engineering Library (Clark Hall) is the principal collector and provider of non-medical scientific information at the University.  It holds 370,000 books and 1,500 journals in all fields of pure and applied science.

How to obtain borrower's privileges:

Present your driver's license or other picture identification at the circulation desk at Alderman library.  The librarian will set you up with a borrower's number. (Usually the same as your Social Security number, but another number can be assigned if you prefer.)     

The Writing Center

Bryan Hall Room 314, 924-6678. The Center is staffed with tutors to help with any writing project.  They work on an appointment basis and you should allow a week or two to schedule it. 

Non-Academic Support Services


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African-American Affairs Office

Luther P. Jackson House, Dawson’s Row, 924-7923. In addition to assisting the University in serving the African-American community, this office also promotes the active participation of African-American students in all facets of the University.

Cavalier Advantage Card

Allows you to deposit cash to a debit account, so that you don’t have to carry cash for many services on-Grounds.  Using the card gives you a 25% discount at the Central Grounds parking garage, a 5% discount at the board dining halls and a 10% discount at TJ’s Locker.  Photocopies cost only $.07 with the Advantage card ($.10 when using cash).  The card is honored at the Bursar’s Office, UVA Bookstore, Registrar’s Office, University Career Services, Parking and Transportation, and Cavalier Computers. You can purchase a card at the Business Operations Office located on the lower level of Observatory Hill Dining Hall with a $50.00 minimum deposit or use one of the cash deposit machines at Clemons Library, Alderman Library, Science and Engineering Library at Clark Hall, Fiske Kimball Library at the Architecture School, or Saunders Hall at Darden.   A one-time fee of $1.00 for the card is deducted from your deposit amount.  

Dining Services

Corner of Alderman and McCormick Road, 982-5110.  A variety of options are available to you from regular cafeteria meal plans to "The Cavalier Advantage Card.”    

Snack Bars

            Pavilion XI Food Court

                        First floor of Newcomb Hall.  A variety of eateries (pizza, Cranberry Farms, salad, deli, grill) convenient to Central Grounds.

            The Castle

                        Closest to the engineering and science buildings and the Curry school. On the ground floor of Bonnycastle House.

            The Tree House

                        Across Alderman Road from Gilmer Hall, next to Tuttle House.

            The Pool Side

                        Health food – Aquatic Center on the corner of Alderman and across from Scott Stadium.

            The Tuttle Coffee House

First floor of Tuttle House, on Alderman next to Observatory Hill Dining Hall.  

Cafeteria-Style Dining Halls

            Newcomb Hall Student Dining, second Floor Newcomb Hall.

            Observatory Hill Dining Hall, corner of McCormick and Alderman.

            Runk Dining Hall, corner of Stadium and Alderman.


Financial Aid

There are alternative, non-University loans available to students taking classes through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. For information contact the Financial Aid office at 982-6000. 

University of Virginia Degree students who believe they have not used all financial aid eligibility should contact the Financial Aid office.  There may be aid available to help you.  

Visit www.finaid.org on the Internet to search for private sources of financial aid.  

International Center

The International Center is located at 21 University Circle, off Rugby Road, 923-7983. This house is a social and cultural center for international students and anyone interested in international issues. It has several rooms available to the University community for short-term rent.  It also houses the International Center Multicultural Library.

Intramural-Recreational Facilities Pass

During the semester in which you are enrolled in on-Grounds credit classes through the Community Scholar Program, you may purchase a recreation facilities pass. This pass allows you to use any of the facilities, such as Memorial Gym, North Grounds Fitness, and the Aquatic and Fitness Center. When you register for classes, please request a letter from the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, which confirms your registration for the term. Present the letter and payment at the Intramural-Recreation Office in the Aquatic and Fitness center.  


           University Commuter: 

All enrolled Community Scholars are eligible for a blue parking permit, which provides access to the parking lots at Scott Stadium and University Hall.  From these lots, you may either walk or take a bus to the Grounds.  Purchase a pass at the UVA Dept. of Parking and Transportation at 1101 Millmont Street.  The fee for is $10 per month ($120 per year).  A free bus pass is included with your parking permit.  


           Visitor Parking Garage           

The main visitor parking garage is located on Emmet Street (Route 29) topped by the University Bookstore. It is a convenient place to park for classes located on central grounds.  Fees are $1.00 per hour during the day, and .50¢ per hour from 5:00 p.m. to midnight.            

Health Science Center Parking Garages

Off Jefferson Park Avenue, across from the "New" Hospital a bit closer to Cabell Hall (and a level walk) than the main visitor garage.           


Nearby commercial parking lots:

There are a few commercial lots on the “Corner" and on University Avenue (in the area of the Rotunda).  Depending on the frequency and location of your class, they may be competitive with the University's commuter parking.  

** For more information on parking, please contact Parking and Transportation at            924-7231.  


Personal And Career Development Center, Curry School Of Education

Located in Ruffner Hall, 924-0783. The center is operated by the Counselor Education Program at the University of Virginia and designed specifically to serve members of the community in need of personal and career counseling.  Services, offered at no cost to adults in the community, include individual and group counseling in life transitions, interpersonal relationships, and career decision-making or career change.  

Recreational Classes

The Intramural-Recreational Sports department offers some recreational instruction classes that are available to the general community. These may include Aikido, swimming, tennis, and racquetball, among others. Classes listed with a "non-member" fee are available to you whether you are registered through Community Scholar or not.  Call 924-3791 for more information.

Telephone Directories

University of Virginia telephone directories may be obtained free of charge from Communication Services in Carruthers Hall.  They will also mail one to you for a $3.00 charge.   

Undergraduate And Graduate Admissions Offices

To obtain information and applications regarding admission to a degree program, contact the College or School to which you wish to be admitted.  

University Career Services

University Career Services is located in Bryant Hall, 924-8900.  This office primarily serves degree students at UVA, but is available for use during non-peak periods. This is for non-degree students also, but does not include appointments with counselors. The primary goal of the office is to assist students in developing skills related to career decision-making and effective job search strategies. They have a library of materials to assist in this goal.  Some advising is also available.    

Web Sites

www.virginia.edu is available at most computer stations at UVA or via a modem. It lists information about UVA of interest to the general public such as, the Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record, the current and upcoming semesters’ Course Offering Directory, as well as VIRGO, and the University’s computerized library system. For help with VIRGO, call the Alderman Library Reference Department at 924-3021.  

http://uvace.virginia.edu lists information pertaining to the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, i.e., each center throughout the state, where the center is located, the staff, the courses that they offer, and much more.  

Women's Center

The Corner Building, West Main Street, 982-2361.  The Center is a resource for women at the University and the surrounding communities. The Center holds events related to women's concerns and issues.  One service they offer is a list of childcare providers in the area.  


Adult Fitness Program

This is an outreach program of the Exercise Physiology Department.  They offer fitness assessments and exercise programs at Memorial Gym from 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. and at the Northridge Building on Route 250 West from 6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.  Membership fees are very inexpensive, and the program's members are mostly mature adults.    

Bayly Art Museum

Located on Rugby Road, 924-3592.  The Bayly is the University's art museum. The exhibits are open to the public at no charge Tuesday through Sunday, 1:00 p.m.– 5:00 p.m.     

Calendar Of Events

In addition to the Web or Internet, many events are announced on W10CE, UVA’s low power television stations, available on local channel 10, or Adelphia’s channel 14.    

Drama Department And The Heritage Repertory Theater

The Drama Department puts on plays throughout the year, while the Heritage Repertory Theater takes on the summer season.  For ticket information, call 924-3376.  

Inclement Weather And Emergency Closings

If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, announcements will be made over local radio stations and on UVA’s snow cancellation phone line, which you may reach by calling 924-SNOW.    

Music Department

Located in Old Cabell Hall. There are many concerts throughout the year by groups like the Charlottesville and University Symphony Orchestra, the Monticello Trio, the Tuesday Evening Concert Series and others. For information, call 924-3984.    

Newcomb Hall (Student Union)

This building houses a cafeteria, a fast food court, conference rooms, study rooms, and a movie theater.  It is usually plastered with notices of upcoming lectures, concerts, and events.    


The Cavalier Daily and the University Journal, both general newspapers, are distributed daily to most academic buildings on-Grounds.  Inside UVa is distributed once a week on-Grounds, or by subscription (Phone: 924-3801).  In addition to general articles on the University, it includes a calendar of upcoming events.    

Student Health

This service is not available to part-time students.    


UVA has a low power television station available on local channel 10 or Adelphia's channel 14.  They regularly broadcast announcements of upcoming events and programs, lectures at UVa, and a variety of other programs.    

University Union

Located in Newcomb Hall, fourth floor, 924-3286.  University HOT LINE, 924-3556, gives a listing of the current movies being shown at Newcomb Hall Theater. The University Union coordinates many speakers, concerts, and other major events.