Most Frequently Asked Community Scholar Questions

1.   What is a Community Scholar? 

Answer:  A Community Scholar is a nondegree student at the University of Virginia and enrolled through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Through this program, adults within Charlottesville and the surrounding counties can enroll in the regular, on-Grounds credit courses of the University.

Although most courses are offered during the daytime hours, Monday through Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m., some are available during evening and weekend hours. 


2.   Am I qualified to participate in the Community Scholar Program? 

Answer: Community Scholars bring a broad range of experiences and backgrounds to this program and their reasons for participating and previous educational experiences are similarly varied. Enrolling in undergraduate courses through the Community Scholar Program allows you to meet your needs whether or not you have earned a college degree. Interested participants with a college degree may enroll in either undergraduate or graduate level courses.      

Anyone currently under suspension with any college or university is ineligible for enrollment through the Community Scholar Program as long as the suspension is in force. All Community Scholars must have left their prior institution in good standing to participate in this program. 

Students currently enrolled in a degree program at the University of Virginia are not eligible for the Community Scholar Program.


3.    Is there an application to participate in the Community Scholar Program?       

Answer:  Although there is not an application required to participate in the Community Scholar Program, you will be asked to obtain the approval of the course instructor(s) and complete a Registration form when you register for your desired course(s).  Please refer to the Community Scholar Calendar,
calendar.html to obtain the upcoming registration dates.


4.    How do I obtain permission of the course instructor(s) to take my desired course(s)?

Answer:  Community Scholars must obtain permission of the course instructor to enroll in each class. A particular school may also require permission of its department chair and/or dean. This information will be specified on the applicable Permission to Enroll forms and can be obtained from the Charlottesville Center, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, 104 Midmont Lane.  Forms can also be obtained on-line at www.uvacommunityscholar.info

Instructor contact information may be obtained by referring to the University Registrar’s Web site at #.  When you click on the instructor’s name, you will receive the instructor’s e-mail address and phone number.  

Please keep in mind that faculty members reserve the right not to admit a Community Scholar to a class based on class size or lack of prerequisite education.  While this is an unusual occurrence, special circumstances may lead to such a decision.


5.    Do I need to provide transcripts of previously completed college work to enroll in my desired course(s)?         

Answer:  If you are enrolling in graduate courses, transcripts (or a proof of your undergraduate degree completion) will be required at the time of registration.    Participants that wish to enroll in the McIntire School of Commerce, 300-level and above Engineering courses, 700-level and above English courses, or Nursing courses with course mnemonics beginning with NUIP, will need to provide actual transcripts of all previously completed college credits to the Charlottesville Center several weeks prior to the start date of classes. This information will be forwarded to the appropriate department to assure that the needed prerequisites have been completed for your desired course(s). 

6.   Are any of these courses offered online?  

Answer: At this time, limited courses from the regular, on-Grounds courses of the University are available online. 

7.    Can I take courses year around? 

Answer:  The Community Scholar Program is offered during the Fall and Spring semesters.  To enroll in classes during the summer months, please contact the Office of Summer Session at (434) 924-3371.        

8.   Will I receive a degree and college credit for the course(s) I take through the Community Scholar Program? 

Answer: The Community Scholar Program is a nondegree program (meaning you will not receive a degree). Since you will be participating in the same classes with the full-time University degree seeking students, you will receive the same credit hours for your efforts.  

9.   As a Community Scholar, will this increase my chances of being accepted as a full-time student to the University of Virginia? 

Answer:  Students who subsequently apply for degree status at the University of Virginia will be evaluated according to the University's usual admission procedures and standards.   

10:  If am accepted to the University of Virginia, will all of my credits be applied towards my degree?

Answer:  If accepted as a University of Virginia full-time degree seeking student, the degree-granting school will determine what credits will be transferred towards a degree program.  This is true for both the University of Virginia and students desiring to transfer their earned credit hours towards a degree at another institution.  

11.    Can I exceed the two classes, along with any dependent laboratory or discussion session, or the indicated maximum of eight credit hours per semester?  

Answer:  No.  The credit hour limit of the Community Scholar Program is determined by the participating Schools at the University.   

12.   Will I receive a University I.D. and the same benefits as a regular University student? 

Answer:  No. UVA student I.D. cards and access to the University full- time benefits (to include athletic tickets, intramural access, student health, University Transit, student legal services and University Union tickets) are restricted to full-time University students.  

13.   How much does the Community Scholar Program cost and is financial aid an option? 

Answer: The Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 tuition rates are $221 per credit hour for in-state residents and $991 per credit hour for out-of-state participants. In addition to this rate, $10 per student per semester administrative technology fee will be assessed. Financial Aid and tuition assistance is not available through the Community Scholar Program. There are a number of alternative, non-University loans available by outside financial institutes.

In order to qualify for In-State residency, you must have been legally domiciled in Virginia for at least 12 months immediately preceding the first day of classes. Generally, the fall semester begins near the beginning of September and the spring semester starts in mid-January. The residency requirements may be found at www.virginia.edu/~regist/gradrec/chapter2/gchap2-1.17.html. If you are uncertain as to your residency status, please contact our office several weeks prior to the start date of classes. Students may be required to submit proof of residency.  

Please feel free to contact the University's Financial Aid office at  (434) 982-6000 or visit an online resource at: www.finaid.org to search for private sources of financial aid.   

14.   Can I fax, mail, or e-mail my Permission to Enroll form to the School of Continuing and Professional Studies to register for my desired class(es)?

No. Registration must be done in person. When you register, you will need to bring your completed Permission to Enroll form(s), fill in a Registration Information sheet, and make payment for your desired course(s). Please consult the Calendar area of the Community Scholar Website for the upcoming registration dates.


15.   How long will I be able to take courses as a Community Scholar?  

Answer:  You will remain eligible for continued registration by maintaining grades consistent with expectations for the University's graduate and undergraduate schools. For graduate course work, grades must be a "B-" or above and for undergraduate courses, a "C" or above must be received. 

If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact the Community Scholar office at (434) 982-4789 or e-mail us at citizen_scholar@virginia.edu. We look forward to your involvement in the University’s Community Scholar Program!

The Community Scholar Program

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